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Dec. 22nd, 2011 06:16 am
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Ok, so I'm here, largely cause LJ seems to be continually tossing down with the Russian spammers and bullies and I'm in a pissy mood. Not quite ready to abandon that one yet, but I'm also sick and tired of their crap I am.
Account ready for when I'm ready to use it.
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How about the fact that, despite being a permanent member, I'm still deluged with Livejournal ads with nice flashy, rotating images, for stuff I have no interest in with no way to turn it off?

I can deal with your clutter and your need to advertise the stuff you offer, but you should offer me the ability to turn it off or collapse it. Don't FORCE me to view your ads.
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I celebrate Christmas, well largely because everyone else does. I certainly know the mythos and beliefs behind it, but I'm not a deeply religious person. I do, however respect those that are and what it means to them. I kinda see it as less a celebration of a persons birth than. Do a reminder to simply try to be kind and giving as much as you can all year round.
Less celebrating Christ's birth, more celebrating the things that he taught, namely to treat others like you'd like to be treated.
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The transcript for Fugue is done

Have fun, use all you want, just please don't pass it on without permission.
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The Homecoming transcript is done and posted

use, share, feel free to save, just please do not pass on without permission
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Cross posted with permission, and permission given to spread the word wherever you want to.

GABIT Events would like to invite you to join our new and exciting

This new project will make up some of the video/media that will be shown
in and around AT6 which is GABIT Events' upcoming and 6th
[b]'Amanda Tapping a Weekend With Her Fans' ([url][/url])[/b]

The aim is to shine a light at the Event on all you fans and your
support of Sanctuary For Kids. Not how you do it. Just simply that it
is in your hearts. As the Event is called "Ripples" it is to showcase
all the fans who are the pebbles who make the ripples.

And you do NOT have to be an AT6 attendee to join in. Anyone can join in.

GABIT is looking for people to send in small video clips (no longer then
15 seconds long) OR a picture of yourself demonstrating the words...


Like wearing one of the S4K t-shirts/hoodies or wrist bands or a photo of you and your car with the S4K window sticker on etc etc. Get creative!

The video/pictures will be made into a series of music videos to be
shown in the main hall before each talk. Also the pictures will pop up in
and around the event! :)

If how you want to show the 'I support Sanctuary For Kids'' is longer
than the 15 second mark panic not. Send it to me and I will see if I can
get it to work. Also do not use spoken word/audio as I will be
overlaying music over this so you will not be able to hear it.

So far there is no deadline. [b]NOT YET![/b] There is obviously still over a year until the actual event but I will say the sooner you can get it to
me the better as I will be able to make sure I can get it perfect!

Send anything you got to JPScheffler [at]

I will be sending out regular 'HEY YOU GUYS' nudges every now and again on here and twitter (@JennScheffler) and probably anywhere else I am a part of.

Please feel free to pass this on to who ever you believe may wish to
join in. Remember this is all about Sanctuary For Kids and our support
in everything they do.

IF any of you have any questions at all....ANY no matter if you think
them silly please PLEASE feel free to send me an email at
JPScheffler [at] or message me on here.

You guys really are amazing!

With Much Love.....

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The Monsoon transcript is done

Enjoy, share, please do not repost without permission
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The transcript for Untouchable is done

As always, enjoy, save but please do not repost without permission
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Not all bullies use their fists, many use words.

The biggest bully in my life was a former boss. He thrived on telling you one thing then holding you accountable for another. He'd deliberately hide equipment you needed, daring you to file a grievance, then be totally unrepentant when his actions caused you to mess up a job. He'd brag about how he was going to 'take care of' an employee. He'd make comments like 'how easy it would be to get a gun into the building' or 'yes, well, in the private sector it'd be much easier to fire people'.

He would fail to do his job, then turn things around so that he could blame others for his inability to do things.

He threatened employees, always alone so that it could never be proven.

He was a bully, and it was made even worse by the fact that he knew just how far he could go to not be disciplined.
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How can you identify a modern day pirate??

He has an iPatch
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The war may be won but the battle is rarely swiftly and neatly over. Any time there is a power void, others rush in to fill it. Some for the better, many for the worst.

I would return to the adventure of the universe, before it got bogged down in mythology. A favorite of mine is Wedge Antilles and he's older now, the commander of a galactic police force of a sort, charged with maintaining some sort of order in the chaos of the victory. But it's not your staid image of a police force, it's populated with former fighters, former smugglers, the random ex-imperial and various other aliens that are trying to make the transition from war to peace.

They restore order, solve problems, fix things and mete out the occasional justice. But the enemies are never cut and dried or easily identified. With any sort of law hundreds of light years away, the various teams of Wedge's are often left to their own devices and conscience to fix or mend things as they can.
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Holy cow is is....a new fic... eek!
I don't wanna know how many months it's been, it'd be too depressing :)

Title: The Destruction of Salvation

Category: Stargate: SG-1
Character(s): S. Carter

Words: 21,054
Genre(s): General
Rating: Rated: T
Summary: The key to Earth's survival may come from a dead race, if they can
just figure it out in time.Sam & Jack Established

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Not something worth doing anything about, and I'm certainly not running a campaign, but I was surprised yesterday to be scrolling through my friends list and viewing some of the header entries posted in remix and whatta you know, i see one of my icons....the one with jack going 'eh' that i've had for years.

well i posted to the person,

Nice icon. Which you happened to steal from me without my permission.

their reply

was under impress it was free domain as it was on a site on language of

I have no idea who this person is. their name is Ohno Satoshi (quietcanvas is the lj name...which has inexplicably disappeared, curious that) and I'm ignorant enough not to know if they are Chinese or Japanese or what other Asian nationality they may be. And it may be innocent. For all I know, someone else stole icons and put them on there and this person innocently used them. I also don't care enough to track down this 'language of flowers' site....if it even exists.

I'm not possessive about the icon per se. I know the net enough to know that anyone can steal anything with only their own set of morals and ethics to guide them. and it's not like it's a valuable piece of art....its an icon that I made in 10 minutes years ago.

I also know that there are a lot of LJ users that do steal from others. If not plagarizing fic, they steal banners or icons or photos.....part of the wild, wild west that is the internet.

It's kinda like when a fic of mine was plagarized...i wasn't upset that they stole and rewrote - quite poorly i may add - my fic, just bemused.

which I think i am with this. Bemused but peeved. there is no solution or resolution.
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Three months in a row, rock on me :D

very cool. me happy
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Never could get youtube to work, but I actually shot video of a tornado/funnel

Lived in Kansas my whole life, think this is the second time I've seen a funnel/twister 'live'
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still no official word if this was a tornado or a funnel but dude was it spinning

i got video but can't get past google's recapcha to get an account to upload it

those little white spots? hail. we had hail for like 20 minutes, pea sized to golf ball sized

my car is much pock marked, but at least i didn't lose any glass. others did

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