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The war may be won but the battle is rarely swiftly and neatly over. Any time there is a power void, others rush in to fill it. Some for the better, many for the worst.

I would return to the adventure of the universe, before it got bogged down in mythology. A favorite of mine is Wedge Antilles and he's older now, the commander of a galactic police force of a sort, charged with maintaining some sort of order in the chaos of the victory. But it's not your staid image of a police force, it's populated with former fighters, former smugglers, the random ex-imperial and various other aliens that are trying to make the transition from war to peace.

They restore order, solve problems, fix things and mete out the occasional justice. But the enemies are never cut and dried or easily identified. With any sort of law hundreds of light years away, the various teams of Wedge's are often left to their own devices and conscience to fix or mend things as they can.
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