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Not something worth doing anything about, and I'm certainly not running a campaign, but I was surprised yesterday to be scrolling through my friends list and viewing some of the header entries posted in remix and whatta you know, i see one of my icons....the one with jack going 'eh' that i've had for years.

well i posted to the person,

Nice icon. Which you happened to steal from me without my permission.

their reply

was under impress it was free domain as it was on a site on language of

I have no idea who this person is. their name is Ohno Satoshi (quietcanvas is the lj name...which has inexplicably disappeared, curious that) and I'm ignorant enough not to know if they are Chinese or Japanese or what other Asian nationality they may be. And it may be innocent. For all I know, someone else stole icons and put them on there and this person innocently used them. I also don't care enough to track down this 'language of flowers' site....if it even exists.

I'm not possessive about the icon per se. I know the net enough to know that anyone can steal anything with only their own set of morals and ethics to guide them. and it's not like it's a valuable piece of art....its an icon that I made in 10 minutes years ago.

I also know that there are a lot of LJ users that do steal from others. If not plagarizing fic, they steal banners or icons or photos.....part of the wild, wild west that is the internet.

It's kinda like when a fic of mine was plagarized...i wasn't upset that they stole and rewrote - quite poorly i may add - my fic, just bemused.

which I think i am with this. Bemused but peeved. there is no solution or resolution.


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